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Sarah & Carmen | Gender Reveal at Little Mulberry Park

August 15, 2023

A few months ago, Sarah came to me and told me she was expecting!! I was so thrilled for her and Carmen and knew how much they wanted to be parents! She then brought up the idea of doing a gender reveal photoshoot. As soon as she got the word from her doctor, she would give me the gender and they would truly find out together in front of the camera! It was a nerve wracking idea but a serious honor that they would trust me to put this together for them and to keep such a big secret!

When choosing how we wanted to do the reveal, Sarah had mentioned that she had seen a video involving flowers and I was instantly obsessed. We couldn’t find the inspiration video that Sarah had referenced, so we came up with our own version. I would go get blue or pink flowers depending on the gender, give them to Carmen while he had his hands behind his back, and he would present the flowers to Sarah and they would find out if they’re having a boy or girl!! So simple, yet so beautiful. We chose the beautiful nature vibes of Little Mulberry Park for a backdrop and the pictures (and their reactions) did NOT disappoint!

See below to see the SWEETEST reactions to finding out the gender of their sweet baby!

Congratulations Sarah and Carmen! Sweet baby Reese is already so loved!

photos by Amber Brannen Photography

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